Why 360 Videos Are Amazing


These are videos created by camera systems that typically cover all the 360 degrees of any given scene. The actions of the cameras are always simultaneous for the 360 degrees coverage to be achieved.The viewers of these videos can watch them from any angle by either rotating or panning the videos. To ease in cognition by buyers and potential viewers, such videos are labeled ‘360 video’ usually on the left side and more specifically, on the lower end corner. They can be viewed on Android devices, computers, and iOS devices.
For the making of the videos to be a success, a 360 photo camera is used. Such cameras can take spherical photos which when properly stitched, make a video 3d.

How the 360 video works

The 360 video concepts involve four main components which include;
• Shooting.
Here, a panoramic video camera is used to take virtual reality pictures which are known for their HD qualities. These cameras enable one to achieve the best out of the exercise as it covers 360 degrees of the viewpoint. Accuracy is also enhanced as it operates on the principle of immersion where all forms of disruptions of video making are eliminated.
• Organizing.
Most 360 videos are taken from constantly moving viewpoints. The initial photos and videos are thus haphazardly taken. They thus need to be organized.
• Stitching.
The video ‘drafts’ must be stitched together so as to make sense. Their quality is also improved at this stage. Autopano software is used for this purpose.
• Viewing.
The viewing of the videos is the ultimate goal. For effective viewing, it should be done using a VR Oculus Rift.

Oculus Rift

This is a very immersive method of viewing the 360 videos. It is very realistic. It enables the viewer to be part of the video making it the most interactive format for watching the high-resolution qualitative contents of the videos.

The video is inserted into the oculus rift gauge which is worn covering the whole circumference of both eyes leaving the viewer with only the high-quality video in front of him/her.

Oculus Rift makes the 360 videos amazing as no hectic installations are required for the viewing. This makes it possible to carry out the practice of the video creation and still watch the video on the very same day. This also applies when the 360 video is a panoramic music video.

The videos on phone and computers

The fact that the 3d stereoscopic videos can be viewed on phone and computers makes them more amazing.The viewing angle is changed when one uses a computer by using the mouse to do the dragging.

For mobile phones such as Android devices and iOS, it depends on the phones settings related to navigations. On thus changes the viewing angles of the video by moving the finger on the screen to do the dragging. These videos due to their high qualities are large in size and may occasionally take long to load onto the computer or phone.