How 360 Can Take Your Business Higher


No matter what kind of business you have, 360 will improve it. There are many benefits that come with integrating 360 videos and photos into your business model, but I will name just a few.

The emerging market of 360 and virtual reality creates the perfect opportunity to bring a new aspect into your business. Your business will have the chance to collaborate with other companies with the creation of more and more Virtual Reality content and applications. 360 content is a great tool for immersive storytelling and creating higher message retention. Allowing the client to freely move around and observe in the video or photo takes engagement to another level.

Content is king, and creating content in the form of 360, stereoscopic photos and videos will create more awareness for your companies and attract new customers, ultimately boosting your revenue.

How to Use 360 Video with Your Business

As new VR products are introduced into a market that is becoming more mainstream, now is the time to jump into the boat and take advantage. Get creative and think of the multiple ways to use 360 video. Here are a few things you can do with 360 video.

  • Highlight your Product and Services

Consumers want to know more about your company, the values and promises behind it, and how it can benefit them. By freely interacting, they will gain a better understanding.

  • Give a Tour

Allow your client to take a look around your office or facility and see where the magic happens through a series of 3D spherical photos. This will create more transparency between the business and the consumer.

  • Tutorials

Give in-depth instruction with 360 video.

Companies that have Mastered the Use of 360 Video

Many companies are already putting 360 video to good use.  Check out these 360 video advertisements by major brands. Use the Oculus Rift stereoscopic headset for better viewing.

McDonalds: Introducing Angry Birds Happy meals toys to kids in a 360 video. The concept of huge, animated birds sitting with families as they enjoy their meal was a bit strange, but it was a cool way to launch the product

Oreo: Takes the viewer on an adventure through a Willie-Wonka like scene filled with chocolate slopes and floating Oreos. The ad shows what inspired the company’s new cupcake-filled Oreos.