Exploring 360 Virtual Reality Videos


Today’s world of entertainment is constantly changing and evolving. In some cases it can evolve so fast that it is difficult for consumers to stay up to date with the latest entertainment technology. Large advancements have been made particularly in the realm of 3d viedo (sic) and virtual reality environments. The next few years in video imaging should be very exciting for those that desire to enhance their entertainment experience. Slowly but surely, the average consumer will be seeing more advanced upgrades in video imaging appear on the public market in the years to come. Here are just a few of the newer technologies that are currently being released along with a short explanation of their key points.

360 3D Video:
360 3D video movies are becoming more and more prevalent as the ability to create 3D films becomes more accessible. The next step in imaging is 360 degree viewing in the third dimension. This allows for 3D viewing of a full panoramic image or video. This opens the way for those in filming and photography to get the most out their work by capturing the full view and depth of every image.

VR Virtual Reality:
VR Virtual Reality is becoming a frequent sight in modern entertainment. The term refers to a virtually simulated form of entertainment that allows the user to be fully immersed in the image or video. This has been widely available to consumers interested in video game entertainment in recent years with more and more in home virtual reality devices being released. An example of this would be the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Panoramic 360 Camera:
This format of image taking allows for full panoramic 360 camera views and 360 degree imaging. Many videos use a spherical panorama camera to achieve these videos and images. Often times this software is used in tandem with the imaging equipment to attach the pictures taken by the camera in order to create one flowing 360 degree image. A more familiar example of 3d imaging would be in the classic red and blue stereoscopic panorama image.

These 3 items all combine to bring us excellent features:

* An interactive and intuitive viewer experience.
* Remarkably clear imaging unlike anything else you’ve seen.
* The ability to capture the entire event just as it occurred.
* The ability to view the event exactly as it occurred.

These are just a few of the newer advancements in imaging that have been recently released. Some of the various products and technologies listed in this article may be somewhat difficult to picture. In an effort to help give some kind of foundation for 360 degree imaging, I have attached a link to a video that shows what a 360 degree video image looks like. The video exemplifies some of the exciting features that this technology has to offer.