How to Make a 360 Video


A 360 video is one that which is made using spherical or 360 cameras that collectively covers 360 degrees of the viewpoint or area of concern.

These videos are immersive in nature and are known to take one out of the ordinary environment into the video world by covering everything from the viewpoint. It is commonly and most currently used by journalists while covering certain scenes. Hence, it has become a great asset in the media field. It has gone a long way into preventing the media personnel involved in the video making from getting disrupted by anything around since he is wholly engaged in the process. Nowadays, 3d stereoscopic videos are also a preferred choice for filmmakers.

How to make the video

The 360 immersive videos are made using the following procedure;
• Start by taking a stream of videos from a given static point. This is done using a standard 360 degrees video rig. To record the whole 360 degrees at a go, mount several GoPros onto the 360-degree rig. The rigs used will depend on the type of environment that one wants to take the video.
• For water conditions, one should use waterproof 360 degrees rigs. For such special rigs, more GoPros are applied. When submarine video rigs are used, the recording can be done up to 130 meters down the surface since it is equipped with highly magnifying lenses that can display underwater images.
• The video streams are then stitched and combined with the Kolor Autopano software for videos. The software functions synchronize automatically the video streams recorded in the initial stage. This synchronization ensures the videos are stitched to give them a final 360 degree characterized by an all-round coverage.

Essentials for making a 360 video

For proper and efficient videos, a 360 panoramic camera is used. The cameras can take videos from an upper inclination for example when one is aboard an airplane. They are specifically meant for this job as they are well adapted to covering videos of viewpoints that are always moving. This camera does the same job as an oculus rift camera which is mainly known for its ability to revolve through the 360 degrees along a horizontal line. Videos taken by these cameras are compatible with the Autopano video software. They work from the principle of a spherical photo. It is from this knowledge that they were developed.

The principle of virtual reality in making the 360 video

For making a video 360, one must be well aware of the virtual reality videos and how it works to ensure one is fully immersed in the process. The principle employs a lot of 3d photography equipment. The VR App has made the technology simpler and even more accessible to the local user since it enable on to use a phone in taking the 360 degrees videos. One therefore simply has to download the app, open the open on the phone, and place the phone inside the VR headset. With this, the person gets immersed into the process hence no possibilities of disruptions. The videos are fully HD and known for their high qualities.

photo credit: Pittwater via photopin (license)